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og mange dyr dere kan se!




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Norway’s closest wilderness with animals and activities – joy and excitement!

The last 25 years, Namsskogan Familiepark has been the place for excitement, happiness and experiences with nature – close to both animals and the wilderness. If your favourite animal is the bear or the lynx, elk or alpaca, you can meet them up close here. You can also pet and feed some of our animals!

We have many exciting and actionfilled activities. Do you dare to try one of Norway’s longest zip lines, our alpine racer or a one-of-a-kind climbing park? During July you can experience the magical rocktheatre «Rebella Hex» in the familypark’s new theaterhall, «Rebella’s Cave».

In our familiepark you can see different craftsmen at work during our high season. They are working with glass and iron. Trøndelag’s best souvenir shop with local produce is also really popular among our visitors.

  1. The Park Café offers dinner and coffee and Fjellstu’ has smaller dishes, coffee and ice cream.
  2. BBQ and areas designated for picnics and outdoor eating are available for our guests.
  3. Dogs are not allowed in the park, but we offer cages for your dog if the car is too hot.
  4. Every day (according to program); Join the animal keepers who will give daily presentations (mainly in Norwegian) – a chance to see the animals up close, as our areas are quite big and provide good life quality for the animals.
  5. Tuesday – Sunday 07.07.16 – 06.08.16 Rebella Hex Show
  6. Opening hours activities; Off peak-season 10am – 5pm. Peak-season 10am – 18am.

Bungee-Trampoline: 6 years
Alpine coasters: 10 years
Bumper boats: 7 years
Canoe/rowboat: 12 years
Climbing tower: 10 years
Children younger than the limit can ride with an adult.

Try our accommodation inside the wildlife park! At «Predator-camp» you can experience what actually happens inside the zoo when the visitors and staff have gone home!


Can you imagine waking up next to a big predator like a bear or wolverine? You have the opportunity – all year! You can book your stay in one of our five exclusive lavvus located right next to the bears or wolverines. Sleeping on reindeer-fur with the fire burning next to you, you can be lucky and wake up when the wolves are howling.



Animals are amazingly beautiful in the winter, and the magical winterlight can create stunning photos. We can take you on a photosafari with your choice of animals! We prepare everything in advance, so that you are almost guaranteed to get the animals up close.

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